I am very happy to have found Shannon and her studio so nearby. Shannon is an outstanding teacher, Pilates-certified with a dance background. She individualizes and maximizes each class for her students. Since starting Pilates Reformer classes 3 to 4 times a week, I am stronger, longer, and leaner. I thoroughly enjoy each class, as there are infinite exercises to learn on the Pilates apparatus. ~ Selina Childs

I love all of the new classes! I feel refreshed and focused after class. I have even started thinking about lengthening and breathing more at work. Thank you for giving me new focus Shannon! ~ Mindy Bivens Trujillo

Shannon is a superb instructor: knowledgeable, passionate, and fun! I always walk out of class feeling happy and strong. Highly recommended!!! ~ Caroline Liesell

Great workout, Shannon is amazing, she tailors every workout to meet your specific needs, very highly recommended!! ~ Rick Wiley