About A Fine Balance

What sets our studio apart is the ability to see beyond the structure, balance and precision of Pilates to its inner beauty – you. With each movement, application and touch, we transform your body and mind, focusing on fluid movements while strengthening and stretching the body in balance.

We strive to support our community in healthy movement, which is why A Fine Balance Pilates is also a cooperative studio, where instructors can rent time to bring in their own clients. We believe everyone should have access to the equipment and instruction they desire to better their healthy life. 

Shannon Fine


owner and founder

Shannon Fine 

Shannon’s goal is to make pilates, dance & fitness accessible to everyone – no matter of age or fitness abilities. She also strives to create a safe and strong community space where other pilates and fitness practitioners can bring their clients and help them along their individual fitness journeys. At the heart of it all – Shannon is striving to create a community of healthy people through movement.


  • 2003 Certified Master Pilates Instructor
  • Dance Choreographer – across North & South America
  • Certified TRX Instructor
  • Barre Instructor
Pilates Certificate

Pilates Certificate