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Pilates Reformer Combo Class

The resistance training equipment used in Reformer Combo classes allow you to exercise with precision. Develop skeletal and muscular symmetry by increasing core strength, flexibility, blood flow and a higher state of mind. Reformer Combo is an excellent option for rehabilitation, strengthening joints and pre/post-natal-friendly.

Professional Pilates equipment, like the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunder Chair, assist in the precision of the movement.

This class is perfect for those looking for alternative rehabilitation options or for special and personalized attention. Each class is unique to your body.

Reformer Combo Classes are 55 minutes in length. Please be sure to bring your pilates socks & wear comfortable form fitting clothing for your session. Small Group Reformer Combo Classes start at $40/hour.

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Balance Barre

This class combines balance with the energizing, fluid movements of ballet. Balance Barre class uses light weights and medicine balls, along with balance work on the ballet barre, allowing you to concentrate on specific muscle groups and reflect on your progress each class.

Taking this Balance Barre class allows you to develop a dancers lean and strong physique in a fun, non-competitive, friendly atmosphere.

This class is perfect for those who want to sweat, smile and strengthen in a fun environment.

Balance Barre classes are 55 minutes in length. Please dress in a way that is comfortable to move. Balance Barre classes start at $35/hour

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Mat Movement

This class is uniquely designed to strengthen and tone all of the body’s core muscles through focus, flow and fun. The Mat Movement class is a type of mat pilates class, which integrates mind/body connectivity while utilizing classic pilates mat exercises infused with some dance fundamentals.

Improve tone, flexibility, posture and the efficiency of your movement while learning the fundamentals, like the importance of holding a neutral spine, engaging a core connection, and finding your deep breath.

Many people chose to start with pilates in a mat class, as it is a great introduction to the basics of pilates without the extra equipment.

Mat classes are 55 minutes in length. We recommend you dress in something comfortable to move. Mat classes start at $35/hour.

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Cardio Groove

Anyone who loves to dance will love Cardio Groove. Choreographed for novice dancers and professionals alike, Cardio Groove combines fun steps with groovy music, heart pumping moves and fat-burning cardio.

This class is perfect for those who want to shake their booty, improve muscle tone and get a great workout in the same step.

Cardio Groove is inclusive to any age, size, or fitness ability. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a great dance cardio work out.

Cardio Groove classes are 55 minutes in length. Please dress in clothes that you can move and sweat in during this session. 

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